procrastination to purpose

What if you were able to stop sabotaging yourself and build the business of your dreams?

Sister-friend, I've got news for you: You can!!!

You're here because:

  • You're a high-achieving woman of color who has accomplished a lot in life. Everyone thinks you "have it all"
  • However, deep down inside, you know the truth: You struggle with self-doubt and procrastination.
  • You want to start a Purpose-Based Business, but you feel STUCK.
  • You're overwhelmed and sick of the Instagram gurus who have it all together yelling at you to "Do the work!".

That was me!!!

Until I learned this proven system that took me from Procrastination to Purpose.

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    "Dr. Kimmy's system helped me launch my online course successfully. She provided clarity and guidance for me. She is the ultimate motivator! Whenever I felt stuck, she helped me to move past it with actionable strategies. With her strategies, I was able to have a successful 4-figure launch!"- Dr. A.

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